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February 2013: Tiffanie H.

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Athlete of the Month February 2013:  Tiffanie H.

About 2 1/2 years ago a quiet, pretty and petite blonde named Tiffanie walked into the box.  She was a college student at the University of Tampa and worked out regularly but primarily from a cardiovascular standpoint–she loved to run and had a good amount of speed.  She rarely lifted weights, could not do a single pull up and hated anything that had to do with working the upper body.  Well, fast forward to the present and a lot has changed with that little blonde.

She grew!  Tiffanie has added at least 5 solid pounds of pure muscle to her petite frame and wears it extremely well.  Her strength skyrocketed, she knocks out consecutive pull ups along with a few weighted ones, she’s faster yet and her good endurance became great.  Not one to leave anything out she took her nutrition to the next level also by completely revamping her low fat, low protein, grain heavy diet to one of a totally Primal nature.  She kept one of the most fatidious food logs I have ever reviewed.  Tiffanie competed in 3 of our fitness challenges taking that petite frame down to a svelte, lean look.  She didn’t stop there but also competed in Jaguar’s first Battle of the Boxes competition and despite her small stature most always goes rx.

Quiet and unassuming Tiffanie is a role model in many other ways.  She is at every Jaguar event helping in anyway she can along with baking her fabulous Primal desserts.  She is our current reigning “She Beast” holding the highly coveted Jaguar SB trophy.  Along with all that beauty and brawn is a very bright brain as Tiffanie is currently pursing a graduate degree in toxicology.  We wish her all the best and acceptance in her school of choice but will be very sad if she has to move.  On a happier note not long after joining Jaguar Tiffanie also met the man of her dreams–Jesse and they have been a happy couple ever since.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Tiffanie Hargraves as February’s AOM!

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