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February 2011: Kevin F.

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Athlete of the Month February 2011: Kevin F.

Athlete of the Month: Kevin Fischer

I know, Kevin is a Coach here now and usually they are exempt from this honor but Kevin was first a client and his transformational efforts, consistency, dedication and accomplishments of the past 1 1/2 years cannot go unmentioned. I don’t think I have ever seen Kevin not give 110% effort to each and every workout; his form & technique, skill level, cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, power etc. . .have continually improved since he stepped foot through these doors. His integrity, willingness to share, help and support others is unwavering.

This clip certainly gives justice to Kevin’s typical all out efforts–we are proud to have him on our Coaching staff as CF Jaguar salutes Kevin as February’s Athlete of the Month. . .

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