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Don R.

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I have always in the past been a weekend warrior, and amateur athlete , but in the last 6-8 years I have been a bit sedimentary as I have gotten older and busier. My career also changed and I am at a desk quite a bit more. I needed a structured way to get back in shape, and was curious about CrossFit. The reason I went to CrossFit Jaguar was location, location , location.

I have played many amateur sports, but have always had my own weight lifting equipment and believed in having it at my house for convenience, so I never really went to a gym or other more than once or twice, and have never went to anything like a “box”. I had anxiety over going to my first class. The people there are so friendly, open and helpful that the anxiety lifted pretty quickly. This is probably attributed to the coaches who communicate extremely well. Now 7 weeks or so later, I want to go every day, and love it.

You will be around a group of great people. The way CrossFit Jaguar is set up, there is a place for everyone of all levels to enjoy , benefit and grow from. Get over any hesitancies you have initially and you will love it. And get ready to feel way better.