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I signed up for CrossFit for a couple of reasons, one, I have always been interested in the CrossFit/Spartan idea, watching competitions on TV, etc, which inspired me to enter my first Spartan competition at age 60, two years ago. This was not one of my better ideas (right up there the Mount Rainier expedition), but with a lot of help from Josh in the office, we both finished (found out later my wife made Josh sign up because she was worried about me, thanks!).  The second reason, every summer we have our family reunion at the beach for a week and my niece and her husband are in to CrossFit training and would make me come with them to the nearest CrossFit class every morning, I enjoyed the classes which made me start looking for an alternative to the exercise class I had been participating in for the last few years.   I just needed more of a challenge than what I was doing and I was very familiar with Paula since I worked out with her at her old location on North Dale Mabry around 15 years ago, so I paid my friend a visit and she signed me up for the CrossFit Lite Class.  Almost said “old” friend but Paula would kill me.

My first impression was a little bit of intimidation, the first thing you see when you walk in is all of the young men and women performing CrossFit exercises “as seen on TV” so I began thinking I may have made another bone-head choice but I quickly realized my sanctuary was in the back corner and soon Justin and Kim showed up and all was good.  Now with a few months under my belt the CrossFit Lite Class seems like a perfect fit for me and still gives me the challenge I was looking for.  Maybe the CrossFit class is in my future, we’ll see.

My first achievement was simply, understanding all of the acronyms; AMRAP, WOD, EMOM, but I think I got it now.

I’m not sure what I’m working on now (I just do whatever Justin & Kim tell me), I think I’m mainly trying to improve my endurance and slowly work on learning some of the new skills for the other classes.   I do tend to catch myself staring at the CrossFit class wondering how in the hell they perform some of the exercises, great job guys!

My favorite Jaguar memory is the great people in all of the classes, I enjoy working out with the younger crowd, it keeps me motivated, a little competition is good for everyone.

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