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Athletes of the Month December 2015: Holly B. and Jose B.

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Holly first came to CF Jaguar as a guest of one of our members on Bring A Friend Day.  It was a Saturday partner WOD that was long and challenging and she hung strong until the very end. She wanted to quit, but she didn’t. That has stuck with her since day one. Never quit.

We love to see that kind of excitement in perspective members.  She was back the following Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’d say she took to the Kool Aid pretty well.  Holly had lost weight prior to coming CF Jag with a goal to lose more as she prepared for her upcoming wedding over a year and a half away.

Well let’s fast forward to the present.  Here’s just a few of Holly’s accomplishments: she started in our CF Lite program and worked really hard for about 6 months.  She would stare longingly at the more technical aspects of the regular CF classes and after going through a private On Ramp decided she was ready.

She continues to work really hard and it’s paying off big time; Holly has competed in local competitions, helps out at all box events, is always at competitions to cheer on her fellow athletes and won first place in our annual fitness challenge (losing 20 lbs in two months and shaved MINUTES off her mile time).

Consistency, hard work and determination are three attributes Holly continues to inspire others with and we are proud that she is a member at CF Jaguar!

Jose has been coming to CF Jaguar close to 1 ½ years.  Already a strong guy, he quickly took to the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit.  Conditioning was somewhat new to him but that didn’t mean he put forth any less effort.

Always wanting to do better than the day before, Jose consistently put in the hard work necessary to succeed.  He got better at running, better at the met cons and even his strength numbers continued to go up. Jose is constantly setting goals, attaining them and aspiring for new ones.

Wanting to get better at the Olympic lifting, he regularly participates in the CF Jaguar Barbell Club. Practice has paid off as his technique has partnered with his strength. Always supportive, Jose might be wiped out after a WOD, he always cheers on his fellow athletes.

After just a few months of CrossFit, Jose decided it was time to educate himself further on the nutritional aspect.  Participating in our annual fitness challenge Jose made dramatic changes which resulted in a loss of 20 pounds and all around improvements in performance!

Dedication and determination rule the day and Jose inspires many at the box.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Holly and Jose as December’s Athletes of the Month!


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