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December 2012: Monique H

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Athlete of the Month December 2012:  Monique H

I first met Monique almost 2 years ago when she began training at CF Jag.  We immediately connected (at least on my part:) and being a perfectionist type Monique chose to do private training in order to establish a good base before joining the group classes.  I had the pleasure of personally training Monique and she was every Coach’s dream–someone that truly wanted to learn, listened, applied and quickly improved.  I missed the one on one’s but Monique adapted well to the group environment and rapidly excelled.

Strength shot up immediately, endurance radically improved and Monique became a well rounded CF athlete.  Her nutrition also changed  through quite a few challenges–and talk about the perfect FitDay food log!  We then ran through mud together and helped each other through obstacles during the tough mudder but next Monique desired an even bigger challenge–our first Battle of the Boxes competition. . .

. . . She asked if I thought she could do it.  There was no doubt in my mind.  Not only did she do it but she went rx and trained her glutes off.  Even with her daughter’s swim fins on her arm so the kb wouldn’t bash her wrist.  Priceless.  Despite a busy career and family life Monique is at all box events and a strong suporter of fellow CFr’s.  In addition to being a wife  and mother she is also a Corporate superstar.  When her career soared earlier this year getting into the box became a challenge for Monique.  The 6 am or 6: 30 pm classes were no longer an option.  But did that stop Monique from getting in her wods?  Absolutely not.  She is here at 5 am before her long day starts and giving Coach Kev a run for his money.

Monique, we are proud to have you as a shining example of a CF Jag member.  Beauty, brains and brawn–you’ve got it all and we proudly salute you as December’s AOM!!

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