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December 2010: Dan B.

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Athlete of the Month December 2010: Dan B.

December’s Athlete of the Month: Dan Bergin

As much as we like to give him grief (mainly the She Beasts) credit must be given where credit is due. Dan joined our family last January immediately dropping over 20 pounds in our Fitness Challenge. His consistency is to be greatly admired as he rarely misses and periodically does 2 x days. His strength levels along with endurance have skyrocketed and his name is plastered all over the leader board.

To really appreciate his birthday video you must know that Dan is notorious for getting all over the women when they don’t go chest to deck in their push ups. We do have sympathy for his wife. We thought it only fitting for his birthday WOD to end with a 400 m push with She Beasts in tow. Every 100 m he had to stop and give them 29 chest to ground push ups while they pelted him with pink water balloons. Keep in mind this was after a brutal birthday wod. Dan lived up to the challenge and performed them all with full ROM. And I must add he was a very good sport about it.

CF Jaguar salutes Dan Bergin–December’s Athlete of the Month!

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