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December 2008 Fit Tip

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The holidays that is and in full swing.  From here on out it is a health conscious obstacle course with many things to avoid and overcome.  But one doesn’t have to fall prey to all the gluttony and tempatation and put on the typical 7 to 10  holiday pounds.  By following the tips below you can hurdle many of these obstacles and enjoy and survive the holidays.

SHOPPING:  We all have to this year even if we are cutting back.  Avoid peak times if at all possible.  Park as far away from the entrance as possible, the walk to and fro your car will give you a little much needed exercise.

TRAFFIC/LINES:  Traffic will be backed up and lines will be long.  Turn it to your advantage; use that time for long, slow deep breathing, a form of meditation.  Use the time for improving your patience, it’s out of our control–why let it upset us?

PARTIES:  Yes, they are fun.  Yes, it is time to indulge–a little.  But all out gluttony will derail any progress you’ve made in your fitness and nutrition goals.  So enjoy the gathering and camaraderie of family and friends and choose your “treats” wisely.  Have either the libation, the dessert, or the creamy fat laden appetizer–not all 3.

STRESS:  It’s here all year in everyone’s live but is amplified 100% this time of year.  Folks, you’ve got to take some “timeouts”.  By that I mean 5 to 30 minutes a day, by yourself, doing something to calm you down.  That could be sitting silently and breathing, reading a book, listening to music etc . . .  You get the idea, it will help you control the stress rather than the stress controlling you.

OBLIGATIONS:  They really pile up this time of year.  Pick and choose, do not overload your plate (literally also).  Learn to say NO without guilt.  There are only so many days/evenings in the month of December; there are many things to do and enjoy and you can’t do them all  The more you pile on your plate the more you will be unable to control the stress it brings.  People will understand, they are all in the same situation.

EXERCISE:  NOW of all times is NOT the time to neglect this area of your life.  You need it now more than ever.  Just modify your program; this is not the time to start a 6 day a week exercise program, maintain what you have.  Go for a walk with your spouse or a friend, do bodyweight exercises at home, do a 30 minute workout at the gym instead of an hour, make active games out of holiday activities with your children; there are many methods.  Be creative, just take 10-20 minutes here and there–BUT MOVE.  Get the blood flowing!

MEANING:  Last but not least; let us not forget the true meaning of the holidays.  It is not all about gifts, food and parties.  Take to time to reflect in the ways of your personal preference and appreciate what you have and those around you.  That is what it is all about.

To reduce further the stress of the holidays, allow me to suggest some great gift giving ideas:  FIT CERTIFICATES from Jaguar Total Fitness.  Give the gift of health and fitness that keeps on giving throughout the year.  We have Fit Certs for training and nutrition (our Metabolic Typing Porgram is in full force now with many people getting fantastic results).  You can stop by and pick them up OR I can even mail them to you.  For further information on our services please call, email or check the website.

Tis the Season to be Fit!
Paula Jager CSCS
Jaguar Total Fitness
11730 N Dale Mabry Hwy.
Tampa, FL. 33618

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