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A friend of mine back in 2011 introduced me to “CrossFit” and explained it as a class where you do all different kinds of movements really, really fast. I agreed to join in on a class mostly to just spend time with my friend and found out right away that his description was pretty spot on, but after the first class I was pretty much hooked. I continued to enjoy CrossFit because it was constantly a new challenge for me but I mostly never took it too seriously because it was a social time for me. I met most of my closest friends (and future husband <3) from that gym. Over the years, CrossFit has become more and more of a lifestyle and something I am pretty competitive in now (although I still love the social aspect of it too! #community).

 When I first started CrossFit, everyday was a PR for me, as I had never lifted weights, did real push ups or pull ups or anything besides jogging or a class at LA Fitness. But I think the first real achievement for me was making a top 10 finish in a WOD! When that became more consistent, I started taking the workouts more seriously and started pushing harder. Learning double unders was another huge achievement.
Right now I am really enjoying being where I’m at! 🙂 I feel like I am finally in a good place where I can push the limits of being comfortable with the uncomfortable during a workout and am enjoying those “pain cave” type of WODs more and more. I would LOVE to PR my snatch at #135 and even more so I would to love to accomplish muscle ups, bar and rings! 🙂
My favorite Jaguar memory is not one particular moment but really the combination of them all and all the new friends I have made! It really is the people that make Jaguar so great. I love that Jaguar is a place where I am pushed physically and mentally every time I come but it is also the place that restores my energy with everyone’s witty humor and amazing personalities. Winning 3rd place in RX at Jaguar Games with Justin Massey is another memory that sticks out! 😉

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