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Caroline B.

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Heart disease has run in my family for many generations so I knew I had to start working out ASAP when I started having minor chest pains back in 2013. I was somewhat overweight; my diet was and my cholesterol count was high for my age. In 2013, my brother and boss started CrossFit and kept asking me to come by and try it out. I started running instead which helped a lot for a couple years then decided it was time to go to the next level in January 2016.

My first impression was thinking, I can’t wait to lose weight and quit because it was extremely hard. Then my stress level began to decrease and now there is no question about going to CrossFit. It is a part of my everyday routine.

My first real personal achievement was when I could do Toes to bar. I knew that CrossFit was really working at that time. I am working on weight lifting techniques.

My favorite memory was our internal Christmas competition in 2016. My partner Lacy and I won 3 rd place in the novice division. I was happy that I could complete all the WODs that were required. It was a good feeling.

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