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August 2012: Chris V.

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Athlete of the Month August 2012:  Chris. V

When Chris first came to CF Jaguar she was already in excellent shape–lean, muscular and had a “don’t mess with me” demeanor although extremely nice and soft spoken.  Having an advantage holding the waiver I snuck a quick peak at her birthdate and saw that she was just a few years younger than me–all the more impressive was her physical conditioning considering she was in her mid forties.  Immediate like.

Let’s fast forward over a year and a half later and although I wasn’t sure just how much more she could improve, that she did.  Stronger, harder and leaner, many new skills and a fast paced endurance machine as demonstrated in her stellar performance last year in the Tough Mudder.  And Chris is an incredible teammate to have–always supportive, going above and beyond to help out.  Injured in the line duty with a broken ankle we have dearly missed Chris these last several weeks although she came on crutches to help us out in our recent Battle of the Boxes competition.

Chris is exemplary of a well rounded fit female and for those that let age stand in their way–well, it’s just an excuse.  We can’t wait for her return and the meantime. . .

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Chris as August’s AOM!

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