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August 2011: Lizette Y.

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Athlete of the Month August 2011:  Lizette Y.

Lizette has been with CrossFit Jaguar almost from its inception in January 2009. She started that March at 170 lbs and quickly dropped 40 lbs through consistent exercise and a complete overhaul in her diet. She could not run 200 m without stopping to walk and used a 15-25 lb bar as she learned each lift. Fast forward to the present and she hasn’t stopped improving with a 7:23 min mile, strength gains in every lift including a 205 lb deadlift, 100 lb power clean and a 455 lb CrossFit total not to mention she’s maintained her loss of bodyfat.

Lizette’s consistency of efforts, hard work, dedication and discipline in efforts make her an exemplary example of what can be achieved with the right mindset. CrossFit Jaguar proudly salutes Lizette Yao as August’s AOM!

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