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August 2008 Fit Tip

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Have you ever went shopping at a store where everything was one size fits all?  How can that possibly be?  It never worked for me and if you look around at the American public it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it would not work for many.  Nor would we want it to; we are all unique and metabolically different.

This is also not true with exericse.  I do a lot of program design for various people such as athletes, post rehab clients, deconditioned individuals, seniors and those that fall somewhere in between.  Although there are some basic staple exercises and protocols, the same routine would certainly not work for everyone.  There are many factors to consider such as age, genetics, gender, fitness level, goals etc.  Why would nutrition be any different?  Look around you; some people are tall and thin, short and stocky, gain weight in the rear, the middle, upper body or uniformly.  They are all metabolically unique and different.  One person’s food is another person’s poison.

For example, although I don’t condone “diets”  I’m sure you all know someone who has lost weight on a low carb diet or a vegetarian diet while others have tried it and either gained weight or felt worse.  That is because we are, yes you guessed it, biochemically or metabolically different.  There is no one size fits all nutritional program.  That in my opinion is why so many of us have not kept the weight off and are prone to developing  hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. . . that are “symptoms” of an underlying cause.  We are not eating right for our metabolic type.  Give your body what it needs, in the right amounts and it will produce energy and keep our homeostatic systems in balance thus preventing many diseases from setting in.

There are certainly well established nutritional facts that hold true for everyone such as avoid white flour, white sugar, trans fats, processed and fast fgoods, excessive caffeine and alcohol.  Eat more whole foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fowl and fish.  That is common sense.  But what I am talking about is the appropriate AMOUNT of macronutrients for each individual.  What is a macronutrient ratio?  Simply the amount of protein/fat/carbohydrate in a particular food or meal.  That’s where the differences begin.  Some people need more protein/fat and less carbohydrates while others need more carbohydrates and less protein/fat.  It depends on how your body processes and utilizes this food for energy.

Eating the right macronutrient ratio and foods appropriate for your body type can lead to your ideal weight, increased energy, stabilized bloood sugar levels (i.e. stabalized emotions) and many health benefits such as the avoidance of age related diseases.

Stay tuned for more on how to develop and find your “personal fuel mix”.

Oh yes, just in case there are any rumors going on out there I am going to come clean.  You all know what great food J Christophers has; well I ate Sunday brunch there yesterday and am sorry to say I have not done so sooner.  The menu is varied to suit every taste and what both my husband and I had were made from scratch!  No processed or prepackaged foods.  There is no place in Carrollwood (all of Tampa) to get a better breakfast in my opinion.  What was I seen eating?  Fried green tomatoe eggs benedict!  Who knows, maybe that’s part of my personal fuel mix?

Have a Fit Week! The Food Nazi,

Paula Jager
Jaguar Total Fitness
11730 N Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL  33618

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