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Athletes of the Month September 2016: Tiffany B. and Connor P.

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Tiffany B

Almost a year ago Tiffany came to CF Jaguar wondering if she’d made the right decision for her fitness program.  It looked quite intense and with a few health challenges she wasn’t 100% convinced it was the right choice for her.

She wanted her life back, to feel good again and to lose some body fat. Getting her nutrition on track was also a priority for her.  Tiffany started her new workout program with a radical shift in her nutrition, a commitment to consistent WODs and the pounds began melting off.

Her energy and well being were revitalized.  No matter her schedule or demands as a working mother, Tiffany consistently makes it in to workout at 5:45 am with the Breakfast Club.  Her gains in strength, stamina and endurance continue to climb.

Tiffany highlights inspirational posts frequently on the challenges she has overcome and the gains she continues to make. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she is participating in her first Fitness Competition with her fellow BC members! By sharing her experiences along with her indomitable spirit and iron will Tiffany is an inspiration to many.


Being a United States Marine, Connor already had the mentality of “whatever it takes”. He embraced the workouts and overall philosophy with that same mindset developed through Marine training.

And so, gains erupted immediately and his strength, power, speed, endurance and stamina skyrocketed and PR’s continue on a daily basis. Proving that hard work and dedication pay off.

When he and his wife, Derien, were graced with a beautiful girl Abi and moved into a new house at the same time, he was still doing his best to come and work out.  He knew that’s what would keep him going and enable him to be at his best.

On top of those life changes he also wanted to give back; Connor was inspired to take his Level 1 and begin sharing that knowledge and his skills with others.  We are proud to have Connor on the CF Jaguar coaching staff. He too will be competing alongside his fellow coach and Jaguar members at Battle of the Boxes!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Tiffany and Connor as CF Jag’s September Athletes of the Month!


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