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Athletes of the Month October 2016: Jesse G. and Karla A.

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Jesse G

Jesse went through On Ramp in April of this year and has only excelled since then. He comes in with a smile on his face and is ready at any given moment to learn. Jesse has gone from a student to an athlete and pushes harder and harder in EVERY class.

He has gotten stronger, faster and more confident in all aspects! Jesse’s lifts have steadily gone up and his form has gotten better and better with practice. His willingness to listen and learn has helped him greatly improve in a short amount of time!

Jesse proves that hard work pays off and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.


Karla A.

Karla came to CF Jaguar over 2 years ago.  Upon walking in the look on her face was one of mixed emotions—it looked like fun and something she definitely wanted to try but there was a hint of trepidation in her eyes.

After going through our On Ramp program Karla dove into CrossFit classes.  Initially she still lacked complete faith, but with her consistent efforts and dedication that quickly evaporated.

Karla got stronger, improved stamina and achieved feats beyond her original goals.  She challenged herself to compete in our in-house competition last year and place second with her partner! And this year, she put her skills to the test with her Breakfast Club members competing in Battle of the Boxes. Her focus on pushing harder and getting stronger have taken her out of her comfort zone and to another level.

She’s brought her family and friends to the box to get them involved in her fit lifestyle and encourages other members to be the best they can be!

We proudly salute Jesse and Karla as CF Jaguar’s October Athletes of the Month!


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