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Athletes of the Month November 2016: Lucie C. and Jerome S.

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Lucie C

Lucie came into CF Jaguar well over a year ago.  She was intrigued to learn more and to see if CrossFit was for her.  Her exercise experience was not in the weightlifting arena, although she did want to increase her strength.

Lucie approached the first few workouts cautiously and wisely took care to learn the technique of the movements before piling on the weight.  Once her confidence grew, so did the her PRs! Little by little, she started getting stronger and learning new things.

Week after week of consistent efforts turned into months and Lucie not only gained strength but increased her endurance, speed and stamina.  Her flexibility is that of a dancer and aided her newfound love of weightlifting. She has also put in extra work by practicing higher skilled movements and can now knock out handstand pushups! She is constantly surprising us.

Lucie’s encouraging to others and always a team player.  Both she and her husband attend class at least four times a week.  She’s our own Iceland Annie as she always has her signature smile on her face during workouts. We are so proud of her accomplishments and she has become a force to be reckoned.

Jerome S

Jerome came to CF Jaguar with definite CrossFit experience under his belt.  He already had excellent form in all lifts and was tracking his numbers.  He quickly adapted to his new box environment and became a regular in just a few weeks.

After a couple of months, Jerome stepped up his game by taking on our Competition programming.  That took his intensity to a brand new level.  Strength, power, speed, endurance and stamina shot up along with adding muscle! Jerome comes in early and stays late working on his strengths AND weaknesses.

Jerome encourages others to be their best and he is always willing to help them by sharing his knowledge and tips to improve. His willingness to listen and learn have made him an even better athlete than he was before. And has a great sense of humor! He often teases the coaches about the warm-ups.

He’s getting ready to put his competitive practice to the test as he readies for the upcoming CF Jaguar Games in December. We would also like to congratulate him on his upcoming wedding!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Lucie and Jerome as CF Jag’s November Athletes of the Month!

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