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Athletes of the Month May 2017: Joe L and Melinda C

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Congratulations to our May Athletes of the Month!

Joe L.- Speak softly and carry a big stick. That’s how I would describe Joe. He’s probably our most polite member and a little on the quiet side yet he sees all and misses nothing. Joe’s consistent efforts in his workouts have led to his success in the box and on the job. Strong, fit and prepared for anything Joe is an exemplary role model for the HSCO. We’re proud to have him on our side and salute Joe as May’s Athlete of the month! – Coach Paula

Melinda C.-Melinda works hard and looks GREAT while doing it! What can I say?I love this girl.  Her personality and drive made us quick friends. She pushes herself in the gym and is constantly working on getting better. Melinda takes herself out of her comfort zone by doing multiple competitions and having fun along the way. She is a great example to her son of what a strong woman is. Congrats Melinda! You should be proud of yourself. We are! – Coach Kimberly

Photo cred: Jay Knickerbocker Photography