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Athletes of the Month May 2016: Jessica W. and Brad C.

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May Athletes of the Month: Jessica W. and Brad C.


Often times a spouse will come in to try out CF after hearing about it. Such was the case with Kyle and Jessica.  Kyle was here first and even though Jessica seemed slightly reluctant, she came in willing to give it a try. She came in on Bring A Friend Day and the rest is history.

A runner at heart, Jessica was not one for heavy lifting so she opted to give our (at the time) CF Boot Camp a try.  Little did she know we would manage to sneak in some strength training.

Jessica quickly became hooked and has become extremely comfortable moving heavy weight.  As Jessica began to evolve so did our class (which was later named CF Lite) and the programming became more inclusive of all aspects of CrossFit. She competed in Jaguar Games with her partner in crime, Nikki, and did extremely well! She recently PR’d her 5k time and is surprising herself as her lifts increase.

Jessica has become stronger, faster and overall more fit.  She has gained confidence in her lifting abilities and proves hard work pays off  with her first unassisted pushup and rope climb!


Well over two years ago Brad walked into CF Jaguar unsure if the program was for him but wanting to give it a try.  Brad took right to CrossFit immediately improving strength, power, speed, endurance and literally all of the 10 aspects of fitness associated with CF.

He then had to stop for a period of time.  We missed Brad as we had just started to really get to know him.  He kept us posted and kept saying he was coming back and several months later he did and has been hard at it ever since.

Brad not only has excelled tremendously gaining a lot of muscle and strength he’s started competing in obstacle course races and doing very well.  He also has his nutrition in check and placed in our last fitness challenge rocking it with his visible six-pack.

He is also quite the chef and willing to share his treats and recipes with our community along with lending support and encouragement at events and daily WODs.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Jessica and Brad as CF Jag’s April Athletes of the Month!

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