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Athletes of the Month June 2015: Karyn R. and Brian H.

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Karyn came to CF Jaguar almost 3 years ago with a great runner’s background.  She initially excelled in all workouts with running; her main focus was to become stronger.  And that she did. . .

Over the course of the next few years Karyn’s commitment to consistency, dedication and going beyond her comfort zone paid big dividends.  Her strength increased considerably and she is still setting PRs!  Never one to neglect other elements, Karyn also focused on improving her flexibility which carried over to her continued increases in strength and power.

And while she came in with very good running technique she became even faster with big improvements in speed.  The in house competition and camaraderie contributes not only to Karyn’s improvements but in her lending support to the others.  A win win situation for sure.

You will find Karyn here in the mornings and teaming up on Saturdays, pushing herself hard in every workout. She is a team player and doesn’t hesitate to motivate her fellow members at the box. She always finishes with a smile.

Brian and I have a special form of communication; he likes to push my buttons telling me he can’t go faster or add more weight and I like to tell him to put it in his pocket because I know he can.  And so it’s gone from the beginning. . .

Brian came to CF Jag at the encouragement of his long time friend Chip.  Within the first 6 weeks he dropped 15 pounds and was hooked.  He would often tell me “this is difficult and I’m not sure I want to work this hard”.  I knew he didn’t mean it and really did want to.  Brian enjoyed the challenge and the competition and quickly realized the improvements in both his health and fitness.

It’s not about the leaderboard but one of my roles as a coach is knowing what each athlete is capable of and the best type of ‘push’ to help them reach their goals. One of my fondest memories is the mile run for time.  Brian told me his goal was 6 minutes.  I knew he could best it by more than a few seconds; I ‘gently’ encouraged him in my ‘sweet compassionate’ voice to not leave anything on the table.  He didn’t.  He must have lain on the turf for an hour after accomplishing his goal and running a 5:40 mile.  Priceless.

Brian is also on the other side of the field always supporting and encouraging other members and one of main draws for him is our community for “that’s truly what it is all about”.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Karyn and Brian as June’s Athletes of the Month!

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