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Athletes of the Month July 2017: Mais K and Rebecca C

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Congratulations to our July AOM: Mais and Rebecca!

Mais came into Jaguar a little timid and super sweet! It is so much fun watching her learn what her body is capable of, and I love seeing how many things come way more naturally to her than she will admit! My favorite part of coaching and knowing Mais is that she doesn’t give up. She works hard on things that aren’t her favorite and does it with a smile on her face. She is one of the best athletes in our gym at willingly pushing herself out of her comfort zone. I am SO happy she chose our fitness family!! – Coach Brea

Rebecca is inspiring. She is pregnant, but that does not slow her down one bit. She fights hard and works around her pregnancy to get the best possible workout in. She is a backbone member of the Breakfast Club and is always there to cheer and support others during the morning classes. It is impressive to see her come in with the same great attitude and ready to do work. Also she has some pretty sick dance moves. – Coach Justin