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Athletes of the Month July 2015: Naomi E. and Tom G.

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Naomi came to CF Jaguar over 2 ½ years ago.  At a friends recommendation she bought a Groupon and signed up for the two week On Ramp.  She was a little intimidated and not sure she would be able to do this.

Well she made it through On Ramp just fine and took on CF classes with .  She got stronger, faster, gained muscle AND confidence. She also found like minded-friends to enjoy the morning camaraderie and WOD with.

Naomi also became more interested in nutrition and the effects on her body composition, health and performance.  She competed in challenges.  She was hooked! She has become an exemplary member of our community with her consistency and dedication.

Naomi looks amazing and has come a long way in overall fitness gains from the day she first walked into on ramp.  She is a wife and mother of four! She runs a tight ship at home involving her whole family in fitness and healthy home cooked meals.  She should be proud of herself. We are proud of her!

I remember exactly when Tom first walked into CF Jaguar.  It was over 2 years ago and it was the last week or so at the old box; in fact he did the first workout on the new box’s grassy field. He was a distance runner looking for a new challenge.  If it was long and challenging Tom loved it.

He would do two-a-days and then ask me what else he could do to improve.  I would tell him to rest! He listened and found that recovery can make a huge difference in training. But, Tom knows when to push himself. He’s a hard worker and consistency has certainly paid off for him.  His strength, power, speed and even his endurance has increased exponentially!

Tom has also taken his game to the competitive arena in both CF competitions and our box nutrition challenges.  He realizes all aspects must be adhered to to be the best in health, performance and body composition.

His family is also part of the fitness program as his wife Sarah participates in our CF Lite program and daughter Amanda is in the box every break she has from college.  It’s a lifestyle that Tom has encouraged his whole family to embrace!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Naomi and Tom as July’s Athletes of the Month!


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