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Athletes of the Month January 2018: Michelle P and Paul S

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Congratulations to our January 2018 Athletes of the Month: Michelle P. and Paul S.!

“The first day I met Michelle she had only been in the box a day or two. She had asked about doing some additional accessory programming. I had mentioned to her about our competitors programming. This was just prior to doing a WOD that included bar MU. Not knowing Michelle or anything about her I waited to see how the WOD played out. She proceeded to hop on up and rep out multiple bar muscle ups. Since then I have watched her continue to be the amazing athlete. Her competitive collegiate athletic background carries over into the gym. She works hard and focuses on improving not just in strength but technique. If she is not busy at school she can be found working on her movement pathways or crushing some WOD. I always enjoy when she is around with a smile that energy and an enthusiasm to compliment it . If you don’t know Michelle take the time to say Hi and get to know the amazing athlete she is. ‘The greatest teacher, failure is.’- Yoda”. – Coach John

“Paul Paul Paul…. Where to begin? He is so dedicated to fitness and you can tell it’s been a lifelong commitment because he’s a not one of our youngest members, yet is one of our strongest and most brave. He is always willing to try new things, and I’m no longer surprised when he tells me he’s “going light today” and I look back and he’s squatting over 225. Aside from all that, Paul is just a really freaking nice dude who loves his family and exudes positivity! We are all so glad to have him as part of the Jaguar family.” – Coach Brea