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Athletes of the Month February 2018: Leo G and Terry R

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Leo is great fit here at CrossFit Jaguar. The time and effort he puts into his skills are undeniable. You can always find him in the back jumping forward, backwards, this way and that way. When Leo has a goal there is nothing stopping him. In no time at all you will see him repping out pull ups and walking the turf on his hands. His drive to better himself is contagious, pushing his fellow members with him. Thank you for all your hard effort you put in, it’s always a pleasure to coach you – Coach Justin

Terry is an absolute pleasure to coach! She has a bright smile on her face every time she comes through the door and has quickly become one of my favorite people. She always tries to do better. As a coach, I appreciate that. Just doing “ok” is not enough for her. She wants to be great and it shows. Terry listens to every cue and tries her hardest to get every movement down. I love joking with her and seeing when that “ah-ha” moment hits. She’s constantly working toward going a little faster, lifting a little heavier and pushing a little harder. All of those “littles” have lead to some big changes. I am so proud of the progress she has made in this short amount of time with us at Jaguar! Congrats Terry! – Coach Kim