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Athletes of the Month August 2017: Toby R and Michelle D

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Congratulations to our August Athletes of the Month: Toby R. and Michelle D.

Toby was excited about CrossFit from day one. He jumped in and did our in-house competition with his friend Justin a few months after signing up. And then the rest was history. Toby is willing to learn and take cues to make him a better athlete. You will always see him at his fellow CrossFit Jaguar members’ competitions to cheer them on. Recently he’s been shadowing our coaches in preparation for his Level 1 certification. He has found something his is extremely passionate about and wants to see where this road takes him. We love having Toby here and we are happy he chose use to be a part of his fitness journey! – Coach Kimberly

Michelle sets a stellar example of consistency, discipline and a no excuses accepted mentality. At age 57 and raising an active 2-year-old,  Michelle is often seen running down the ‘track’ stroller in hand. Michelle trains 5+ days a week even when traveling. She’s competed in quite a few of our nutritional challenges always staying on track and generally placing. She continues to improve on a regular basis serving as a role model for the younger members proving once again that age is just a number. – Coach Paula