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Athletes of the Month August 2016: Brea C. and Kyle W.

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August 2016 Athletes of the Month: Brea C. and Kyle W.


Brea came in with CrossFit experience having already tasted the “Kool Aid”.  She was excited to join CF Jaguar and immediately made multiple friends and lifting partners.  Her squat got heavier, her Oly lifts moved to the next level and both her endurance and gymnastics abilities began a steady state of improvement.

And then BAM!  A slight wrong move in a game of basketball had Brea undergoing ACL reconstructive surgery.  Holy setbacks!  Did that stop her?  No, it certainly didn’t.  That was at the beginning of 2016  and we have watched Brea workout throughout the entire process.

She prepped for surgery with some prehab movement drills and lifted the only way she could – with one legged bench presses.  Between physical therapy and other drills given to her by her therapist she was back at the box less soon after her surgery doing everything within her power to get back in action asap and doing so in a progressively intelligent manner.

Now she’s back to squatting heavy weight, doing WODs and working on her gymnastics skills. She is motivated and it is encouraging and inspiring to watch her journey. She has a drive to compete and a want and need to learn. She has made CrossFit a huge part of her life and won’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals!


Kyle came to CrossFit Jaguar almost two years ago.  Lean and fit, Kyle was used to more endurance related activities.  He was quickly taken in by the lure of the barbell. He participated in On Ramp and recalls doing Fran for the first time at 65 lbs and it taking him over 21 minutes.

Strength gains along with improvements in power, speed and gymnastics started happening and haven’t stopped since.  That motivated Kyle to begin competing. He joined Coach Kim and Antonio’s son Demarcus at our in-house competition – Jaguar Games. They took first place!

As Kyle became more involved in the CF lifestyle he wanted to share that with his wife, Jessica.  Initially that took a little convincing on his part. And what a supporting and motivating role Kyle played in getting her into CrossFit! Effortless as this point, as they are one fit couple.

As a physical therapist Kyle has been instrumental in helping both members and coaches alike improve their mobility along with sharing preventative measures. He joined our Competition programming a few months ago and is continuing to get stronger and work on his weaknesses. Kyle recently hit a huge PR repeating the benchmark WOD Fran he did during On Ramp. He took 13 minutes off of his time AND did RX weight. Proving that practice and passion make a great athlete!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Brea and Kyle as CF Jag’s August Athletes of the Month!

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