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September 2012: Scott B

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Athlete of the Month September 2012: Scott B.

Scott has always been an athlete; in his youth he was a goalkeeper for the Tampa Bay Rowdies.  After his professional career with them he continued his athletic pursuits staying active, healthy and fit.  Scott first came to Cf Jaguar July 2011.  Although he was fit, his athletic past combined with CrossFit Jaguar’s training quickly catapulted him to an entirely different level.

He immediatley got leaner and his conditioning returned to that of his former professional years.  His strength has been increasing steadily over the past year with no cap in sight.  He’s definitely not going to stop PR’ing anytime soon–plenty of ceiling left in his genetic potential.   He competed on our Tough Mudder team helping multiple teammates overs walls and cargo nets, a few other mud runs and was a stellar team player in our Battle of the Boxes competition this past July.  Scott is not one to sit idle as he is currently training for the BayArea Beatdown to be held at CF BNI this October.  And if that isn’t enough professionally he runs his own law firm while also being a full time father to his son Athan.

At 42 years of age he outlifts and out runs many athletes a decade or 2 younger.  Truly exemplary of what the right training, lifestyle and mindset can do for a person as they mature carrying over and making one better professionally and as a parent.

BTW, although I hate to feed a healthy ego I do have to admit that most of the female members really enjoy watching Scott train without his shirt on–especially now at his lean, mean 195# and 11.1% body fat.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Scott B as Sept’s AOM!

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