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Athlete of the Month September 2014: Babita S.

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“Ba Beat it Up!”  I’m not sure which Jaguarian coined that now infamous phrase, but it was at our Southeast Regionals 2013 gathering.  And Babita has certainly done just that ever since she walked through the doors of CF Jaguar in March of 2012.

She’s been an athlete all of her life, from star basketball player to coach of Girls’ High School basketball, Babita was no stranger to working out.  Sport, the ultimate cap of the CF pyramid was her middle name.  She didn’t have a lot of experience with Olympic and weight lifting, but it was a challenge she was eager to accept!

She was relentless in her pursuit and has packed on muscle, greatly improved flexibility, and is well on her way to mastering the lifts.  She had speed, but she’s even faster now! So, don’t try to catch her on a run unless you are glutton for punishment… or want a rabbit to chase! And the breeze from her double unders will cool any of us on a hot summer day.

Through fitness challenges, CF competitions and box events Babita has done them all; a stalwart CF Jag member and a supportive friend, she encourages and inspires all those around her.  Rightly so, the CF Jaguar September AOM goes to. . . Babita “Ba Beat It Up” S. and we proudly salute her!


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