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Athlete of the Month May 2014: Dave B

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And yet another CF Jag success story. . .

Dave, a runner at heart first entered CF Jag back in March of 2012.  Endurance was not a challenge for him but the strength and weight lifting movements along with the anaerobic output were and had him wondering why just running wasn’t enough.  But not any longer, since that first day Dave has stayed true to course with his CF training and has dramatically increased his strength and power output on all his lifts.  And guess what, he now runs faster!  His mile time has improved along with all the endurance events he regularly participates in.

And in all fairness his nutrition has also played a part.  Always relatively lean with no weight issues at all Dave even managed to win one of our fitness challenges.  How’d he do that?  Well, he switched to a more Primal and healthier way of eating and in the process built lean muscle and reduced his body fat showcasing a stellar 6 pack– all in the same 8 weeks.  Yea, that’s everyone’s dream.

Add to his training a full time job as an attorney and recent fatherhood with baby girl Emily Dave is a shining example that it can be done.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Dave as May’s AOM!

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