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When I first met Nghi over 2 years ago he came in for a an initial fitness assessment/introduction to CF with his then girlfriend now Mrs, Martha.  He made it through the “assessment/wod” but wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about it.  Quite winded and a little on the dizzy/nauseous side although we try very hard to avoid that feeling by not overdoing it.  But he came back and first course of action was a 6 session private On Ramp series.  Consistency and progress began. . .

The queasy post wod feeling quickly vanished, strength began to climb, endurance skyrocketed and weight started falling off of him.  Over 2 years later Nghi has transformed his physique and posture, has more than doubled many of his lifts, PR’d his runs & rows over and over again, he’s lost close to 30 pounds and is a pivotal member of our community along with his lovely wife.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Nghi as March’s AOM!

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