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Athlete of the Month February 2014: Sandy I

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This one deserves a little history. . .

Sandy and I first met back in 1986 when she moved in across the street with her then boyfriend now husband who was my then boyfriend now husband’s best friend.  Got all that?  For about 5+ years we hooked up at least 3-4 evenings a week not for a wod but for happy hour.  Well we grew up, they moved out of the neighborhood and we met occasionally for dinner and at other friends events.  Around 20 years ago Sandy started running and I got into fitness.  6 years ago Sandy came to CF Jag for a change. . .

“What’s this CF?  I run 30 miles a week, I eat “healthy”, I’ve gained some weight, I’m tired all the time, don’t feel that good and I think it’s just my age”.  One wod.  One wod was all it took.  “PJ, that kicked my ass, I was out more out of breath in 10 minutes than the last marathon I ran.”

And Sandy continues to come at least 3-4 times a week.  She’s gotten much stronger, developed more muscle, switched to a Primal diet and lost 15 pounds.  She continues to run but far less and because she enjoys it, and she’s gotten faster.  This trend of improvements has continued for the last 6 years.  Sandy is still PR’ing at an age where some people can barely get out of a beach chair.  She often outperforms members 30-40 years younger.  She looks amazing, has lots of energy and has earned the nickname “Spunky”.  Sandy–my longtime friend, we salute you and proudly claim you as CF Jag’s February Athlete of the Month!

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