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Athlete of the Month December 2014: Michael M.

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Michael.  Such a nice guy; polite, a gentleman, and quiet.  That was my initial impression when he joined CF Jag in Sept of 2012.  Tall and lean by nature, weight loss was not one of Michael’s goals.  He wanted to get stronger and in better overall shape.  He quickly took to the CrossFit methodology.

After getting to know him a little better and becoming comfortable with his form and technique in the lifts, I would encourage him to be a little more aggressive! “Get mad at it!!”, I would say to get more power out of him, “You need to unleash the beast inside!” Well, he would just kind of look at me and say “I’m not an angry guy”.

Fast forward to the present and even without any anger, Michael has the internal drive and motivation to dramatically alter his whole persona.  He comes in on the weekends and late nights to work on his lifts and gymnastics skills in addition to the daily WOD. He PRs on a regular basis, has added pounds of muscle and sports a six pack!  He’s competed in several CF competitions, impresses us all and is a stellar and supportive member of our community. Not to mention is always camera-ready!

Michael is still one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet! But, don’t let that smile fool you. Every now and then, you’ll hear a curse word or two on an exceptionally challenging lift or WOD! There is no doubt his beast has most definitely been unleashed…  CrossFit Jaguar proudly salutes Michael as December’s Athlete of the Month!

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