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Athlete of the Month August 2014: Kevin O.

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I first met Kevin back in 2005 or 2006 when the community we now know as CF Jaguar was only a twinkle in my eye and originally called “Jaguar Total Fitness”.  Kevin would come in on occasion, at the urging of his lovely wife Kim, to do Spin Class.  Yes, you read that right, SPIN CLASS.  That’s the only ‘class’ we had back in those days.  Well, Kevin came to Spin Class a handful of times and I didn’t see him at the “gym” again until he walked into the “box” on a Groupon in June 2012.  “Welcome back Kevin!”, I said.  “I’m not sure if this CF stuff is going to be right for me, I’m almost 50 you know”, he said.  Yes, I know and I’m older than you, you will be just fine.

‘Fine’ was the understatement of the decade.  Fast forward 2 years and Kevin is still CF’ing and several times a week.  He quickly caught on to the newer movements and began digging deeper and learning by doing.  He’s bigger, stronger, and faster and he’s at every event we have or participate in cheering on members and always motivating others at the box.  Even though he’s a founding member of “Physique Fridays”, the guy who refused to run a 400 without stopping the first few months now has a couple of 5 mile mud runs under his belt.

At Kevin’s “gentle urging” we now have a Masters Leaderboard and yes you guessed it, his name is all over it.  Kevin, you’ve come a long way baby.  Not only are you a great representative to masters athletes but you’re also a great friend.

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