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Athlete of the Month – April Jones

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Athlete of the Month 

April Jones


1) What brought you to CF?  I tried several gyms and workout plans, which none of them felt like a true challenge. I wanted to experience a new type of workout that was out of my comfort zone.

2) What was your first impression and how has that changed?  At first it was intimidating because I had never done Olympic style weight lifting. It has changed immensely, I never thought I would have over 100lbs over my head or able to lift over 200lbs from the ground.

3) What was your first highlight?  My first highlight was on a one rep max day of deadlifts. We kept adding weight and Paula said here try this and I was able to lift 245lbs like it was nothing. I never imagined I’d be able to lift that amount ever!

4) What are you working on now?  Currently I am just working to stay in shape, it is a little hard now since I am continuing to grow bigger in my journey in becoming a mother. After the pregnancy, I will continue 100% in the gym with Crossfit and continue to strive for new goals.

5) What is your favorite Jaguar memory? There are so many great Jaguar memories I have. From accomplishing my one rep Max to participating in my first Murph to gaining endurance I never thought I would have. I have also met some great people on my Crossfit journey!