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Athletes of the Month April 2016: Ari S. and Darrin D.

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About 2 ½ years Ari entered CF Jag’s doors on the heels of big sister Tiffany. Blessed with genetics from above, one look at Ari told us just whose footsteps she would follow in. Well we were right and wrong…

Ari is her own person and blazed her own path very quickly by packing on the muscle, learning the technique and began a trail of PR’s in all the lifts that haven’t even come close to their ceiling.

A burning desire to improve her Olympic lifts had her participating in our Barbell Club and accomplishing that task. With her versatility she also competed in a figure competition last year showing discipline in a different training style along with the dietary discipline that is required.

She also participated and placed in our most recent box fitness challenge and lends overall support to members of the community. Ari signed up for the CrossFit Games Open and surprised herself with getting her first bar muscle ups and handstand pushups! Young of age yet strong of mind and body, there’s no limit to how high she will climb on the CF ladder.


Darrin came to CF Jag at the urging of his wife Lana about 1 ½ years ago. Former military and no stranger to CrossFit, Darrin already had the work hard-work intensely attitude. He wanted to get even stronger and improve his lifting technique.

And that’s exactly what happened! With a little refinement of his lifting form, the PR’s began immediately and they haven’t stopped yet. Darrin has competed in our in-house competition and even snagged a few spots on the Master’s leaderboard!

He often bests fellow competitors far younger than he setting an example once again that discipline, consistency and hard work pay off. Not only do Darrin and his wife work out but so do their sons – a fit family for sure.

Darrin’s support extends beyond his immediate family and into our community where he is often seen encouraging other members to reach beyond their self imposed limitations. He knows what it takes and is willing to share his knowledge and experiences.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Ari and Darrin as CF Jag’s April Athletes of the Month!

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