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April 2012: Nicky W.

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Athlete of the Month April 2012: Nicky W.

What can I say?  It’s well known around the box that the first benchmark or modicom of respect for any new male member is to be able to outlift Nicky.  On a heavy day the first thing I hear out of the evening members (both genders) is “what did Nicky get” sometimes followed by an expletive.

Nicky came to us January 2011 and as a former gymnast was in pretty good shape but her technique and endurance were nowhere near where they are now.  Once she grasped the technique her lifts and strength skyrocketed to levels that she now dominates 85% of the leaderboard.  But Nicky has also embraced other aspects of the CrossFit lifetstyle and training; she is not only strong but her endurance has improved tremendously along with her power, speed and flexibility.  She also walks the talk by following a Primal diet and is quite the team player always helping other members.  A sight to behold while belting out sternum to bar pull ups and then a quick change on her way to Corporate America dressed to kill.   Beauty, brains and brawn–Nicky’s got it all and CF Jaguar salutes you as April’s AOM!

Check out Nicky in CF Jag’s April article in Natural Muscle magazine

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