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April 2009 Fit Tip

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What do you want out of your fitness program?  To look good, feel good, lose weight, improve your health, improve your sport or all of the above?  We all pursue fitness for different reasons and there are many paths.  The number one key to success, in any endeavor for that matter, is that you must put forth effort.  It ain’t gonna be easy.  Nothing worth having ever is.  You can’t just sign up for a gym membership, buy personal training sessions, pop a pill and watch your body magically transform.  Hate to burst your bubble but it just doesn’t happen that way.

And believe it or not it is so simple that is has an entire nation confused, overweight and facing many health issues that were not around at the turn of the century.  Do I know something that the rest of the world doesn’t?  No. Quite simply, you must exercise intensely (appropriate for your level), progress intelligently and eat right.  And it’s not always going to feel good–there’s going to be some discomfort, some sacrifice and there is going to be sweat or you’re not going to get results.

You could go to a nice country club like atmosphere with a day spa or your local Globo gym with all of the comforts.  You can read your magazine while you stroll along on the treadmill or watch television holding on for balance while a built in fan keeps you cool.  You can circuit from machine to machine isloating your muscles in movements foreign to nature and socialize with your friends and I will admit that is better than nothing.  Good for you that you are doing something.

But it can be so much better!  Get a little dirty, push a little harder, get your heart rate up, take it outside, break a sweat.  Find your inner strength; challenge yourself beyond your last workout, the sense of accomplishment will empower you.  Progress in small increments based upon your current fitness level but by all means PROGRESS.  Then and only then will you get results.  You will look better, feel better, lose weight (if needed), improve your health and sport or activites of daily living.  In addition you will improve your integrity, pride and self worth.  That will carry over to all other areas of your life.

Just today I was participating in a group exercise class (yes, we all like to have a little push now and then) and chose 2 weights just in case the prescribed one was too heavy–it was a difficult exercise for me.  I was comfortable with the lighter one, I knew I could do it.  It was recommended that I make a decision and choose one or the other–“having them both there is a decision in itself”.  WELL, OK!  I used the heavier one and I completed all repetitions, took a little longer but I did them.  Was it hard?  Damn hard.  Did I sweat?  Like a pig!  Afterwards?  I felt great!!  I surpassed my previous attempts and the self satisfaction made the rest of my day.

We ALL need a little push now and then and the right guidance.  Call for your complimentary 1 on 1 assessment and enjoy our FREE 1 week trial CrossFit classes.  If you decide you want to change your life for the better purchase one month of Unlimited Classes and the second month is FREE to all first time clients.  Don’t delay, Bathing Suit Season is around the corner!!


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