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AOM December 2013: Richard B.

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Athlete of the Month December 2013:  Richard B

Wow, what can I say?  Plenty.  Richard first walked into CF Jaguar on a Living Social deal almost 3 years ago.  A great guy — lean by nature and in decent shape to begin with he was well received by all right off the bat.  Over the course of that time he’s been persistent, consistent and relentless in his pursuit of improved fitness.  And it shows, the dude has gotten stronger, faster, more flexible and the stamina of a locomotive.

And what a team player and stellar member Richard is–always helping newcomers feel welcome.  He is at every event showing his support and cheering competitors on.  When we moved he was there non stop for at least 3 weeks painting, moving  heavy things and helping in any way he could.  Richard I don’t care if you don’t eat meat–it works for you.  We may never share a rasher of bacon together but I’m always up for a veggie platter–we luv ya!  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Richard B as our Dec AOM!

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