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Athletes of the Month October 2017: Andy C and Carl B

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Andy C.

Andy has always been a great part of CrossFit Jaguar, but this past year watching him fight back through an injury has been downright inspiring. He has pushed hard and come back even stronger. He recently PR’d his snatch AND back squat. He comes in, focuses and gets it done. But, he still enjoys laughing and hanging with friends at the box.  He also has the best burpees of CF Jaguar. Make sure to ask him about them. Congratulations Andy!! – Coach Kim



Carl B.

Carl came to our gym as an already athletic guy, but definitely has “taken his Fitness to the next level” over the past year. He really fits that CrossFit spirit of being encouraging to everyone in the class, and can often be found in the gym when he’s not working out, sitting next to an athlete and cheering them on for an entire workout. I was one of his judges for Jaguar Games last year, and it was really encouraging to see him doing endless single unders while encouraging his partner at the same time. That’s the same attitude he carries each day at the gym! – Coach Brea