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Alyssa K.

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What first brought me to CrossFit was my family. My dad and three sisters were a part of a gym over on the East coast and they highly encouraged me to join when I went back home for family gatherings. I decided to join a gym when I moved to the Carrollwood area to be closer to work. I searched around and thought CrossFit Jaguar would be a good fit. I started the On Ramp class in December of last year and have loved CrossFit ever since.

My first impression of CrossFit was “Woah, this is intense”.  I remember watching the end of a class before I was going to start my first CrossFit class (after On Ramp) and telling Robby that I didn’t think I was ready for the class. He told me that I would do fine and helped push me to take the class. (Thanks Robby!).

My first achievement was getting my first double under. It is still a work in progress but was a nice first step. I am currently working on getting my first strict pull up, or any pull up at that matter lol.

My favorite Jaguar memory would have to be when I did the 17.1 workout. The workout was very intense but I had a lot of encouragement from Carl who judged me and from Kim who was my coach for the open. They helped push me to complete the scaled workout under the time cap. I realized then how important it was for me to set goals in the gym and how that could transfer over into my personal life as well.