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Jesse S.

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I joined Jaguar in September 2010 on a group deal. I had graduated from college a few months prior and came to the realization that I was out of shape and needed to get healthy. My intent was to try CrossFit and then switch to a conventional gym after the deal ended. It’s almost seven years later and I’m still here.

I was amazed to see that the group always cheers on the last athlete to finish the workout. There have been many days where most others could have finished, left the gym, and been half way home by the time I was done. The camaraderie is a large part of why I’m still here (driving from South Tampa to Carrollwood in rush hour traffic everyday.) This aspect of Jaguar has not changed.

My first notable achievement was finishing the first workout at the first Battle of the Boxes in 2012. I never thought that I would be competitive post high school and that moment made me realize how much I had missed it. Since then I have competed in other local competitions and triathlons.

I hate to admit that I am not proficient at double unders yet, but it’s an unfortunate truth. More recently, I have been bribing Coach Kim with bottles of wine to meet me at open gym to watch me practice and give me feedback (if anyone else needs her help, she likes red.)

What’s your favorite Jaguar memory? There are too many to pick one! The past several years at Jaguar have provided me with so many memories and great friendships that I’m very thankful for.