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Athlete of the Month November 2014: Jessica R.

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Jess came into CrossFit Jaguar in May of 2012 on a Groupon with her friend, Cyndi. It was one of those “this is about to expire” decisions, and boy are we happy she didn’t pass us up! Athletic by nature, she fit right in. And with all of the chaos of life, she was able to find a place surrounded by friends with the same goal. To get better.

Even after more than two years, Jess continues to get better. Her speed, agility, strength, and skill level have greatly increased. And she’s nowhere near stopping! Jess achieves countless PRs and continues to maintain the willingness to learn and improve everyday. She attacks each WOD with intensity and has an awesome competitive spirit. Jess constantly challenges herself by competing in various CrossFit competitions, races, mud runs, and even nutrition challenges at the box. You can also find her getting out of her comfort zone doing Competition WODs daily.

We are so proud of Jess and how far she has come in a short amount of time.

Congratulations! You are our November AOM!


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