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CFL 3/31

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Skill: 2RM DB Hang Power Snatch

*Must successfully complete 2 reps on both right and left to be counted


Partner WOD

100ft shuttle sprint (25ft down and back x 4)

10 DB Press 40/25

100ft shuttle sprint (25ft down and back x 4)

:30 DB Press Overhead Hold

*Partner completes a whole round before switching out

Score is 2RM DB Hang Power Snatch/rounds + reps

CF Kids – Toy Story

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Workout of the day – March 30th, 2017

“Toy Story”

Warm Up:
Sprint 10m

1 push up, 1 squat

Backward run 10m

2 push ups, 2 squats

Sprint 10m

3 push ups, 3 squats

…. continue until 6 push ups, 6 squats

Monkey Hangs

1:30 max lunges

:45 sec rest

1:00 max jumping pullups

:45 sec rest

:30 max mountain climbers



CFL 3/29

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Skill: Teams of 2/3

Max distance row in 9 mins

*Goal is 2000m or more*

WOD: 10 rounds of

:30 on/ :30 off

Max burpees

Immediately after last rest period, 800m run for time.

*COACHES NOTE* Only scale the run for injuries. 1000m row or 1 mile bike.

Score is distance row/total burpees/time