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CFL 4/12

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3 rounds
Resting 1 min between each round
10 box jumps
50 jump rope
10 dips
30 sec plank hold
Each set for time with negative split
Run 200m 
Row 250m
AB 0.2km
Rest 2min after each set
4 sets
Start at different places but all three movements should be completed. 



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A) Oly: Power Snatch; E2MOM x 12min (6rds)

3 reps starting @ 60% end around 85% of 1RM.  Add 5 to 10# after each successful round (reps do not have to be touch and go, but no more than 10 seconds between reps.)

B) Metcon:  JT 21-15- 9

HSPU (scale db push press)

Ring dips (usual scaling, no bands)

Push ups

(20min cap)

Score heaviest 2 PS, and time + reps as seconds


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A) Skill: Double unders (15min)

Explanation and practice.

For those that have them, they will do:

10min EMOM

30 sec max DU, 30 sec rest

B) Metcon:

4min stations 3min rest between (each should be max effort)

1)     50/35 cal row, burpees in remaining time (score # of burpees)

2)     50/35 AAB cal, max sit ups in remaining time (score # of sit ups)

3)     600m run, max double unders in remaining time (score # of DU)

Each scored separately