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CFL 6/14

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Skill: EMOM x 18

Min 1) :40 max calories on Bike or Rower

Min 2) 150’ (turf down and back) Farmers Carry @ ¼ Bodyweight in each hand. (Scale up in weight if needed)

*Must use same piece of equipment (bike or rower) all 9 rounds

*Example, a 200 lb person will have 2- 50s. 200 x .25 = 50


10 Deadlifts 95/65

20 Box Jumps 20/16 (Scale up as needed)

30 Sit ups

Score is Total Calories/Rounds + Reps

Tokyo 2020

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Skill: Handstand Practice – 15-20 min

A) Work on inversion if uncomfortable being upside down

B) Wall Drills: (Work on being inverted and transferring weight from side to side)

a. Shoulder Taps

b. Hip Taps

C) Walk Aways

a. Holds – Preform a wall walk with nose to wall, kick one foot off the all at a time to find a balance and hold

b. Walk – Preform a wall walk and kick feet off and attempt to handstand walk

D) Handstand Walks


20ft Handstand Walk (Scale: 2 Pike Around Box – 2 Wall Walks – 30 Shoulder Taps)

10 Knee 2 Elbows (Scale: Knee Raises – Sit ups)

20ft Handstand Walk

10 Chest 2 Bar (Scale: 12 Pull ups – 14 Ring Rows)

Score is rounds + reps