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Pyramid Double Helen

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SKILL: Strict Pull Up E90sec x 5 (7.5 min)

3-5 Strict Pull Ups every 90 seconds

WOD: 2010 Event 2

Partner For Time (25 minute cap)

1200-meter Run together* (sub same amount row)

63 Kettlebell swings (53/35) broken up however

36 Pull-ups (broken up however)

800-meter Run together

42 Kettlebell swings

24 Pull-ups

400-meter Run

21 Kettlebell swings

12 Pull-ups

*coaches- please scale the run for athletes that will take longer than 10 min on this and half other runs.

Score: Total pull ups/time or time plus reps

CFL 3/31

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Skill: 2RM DB Hang Power Snatch

*Must successfully complete 2 reps on both right and left to be counted


Partner WOD

100ft shuttle sprint (25ft down and back x 4)

10 DB Press 40/25

100ft shuttle sprint (25ft down and back x 4)

:30 DB Press Overhead Hold

*Partner completes a whole round before switching out

Score is 2RM DB Hang Power Snatch/rounds + reps