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Skill: 3 Rounds

75ft Single Arm Overhead Carry (Each Arm)

*Perform 3 Push Press every 25ft

**May increase weight


5 Rounds

50 Double Unders

12 Push Jerks 135/95

In Remaining Time….

Max Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar) (Scale: C2B – pullups – Ring Rows)

Score is heaviest weight/reps of muscle ups (pull ups)

Comp 6/19

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A) Split jerk; find a heavy single for the day (from the rack). Think about pushing yourself under the bar as quickly as possible.
B) CF Metcon
C) Supine ring rows; 3 sets of 10 (perfect plank, brief pause which scapula fully retracted)
D) GHD back extensions; 3 sets of 10 (weighted)


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Strength: E2MOM x 9 Rounds

Min 1-3: 5 Strict Press

Min 4-6: 5 Push Press

Min 7-9: 5 Push Jerks

*Look to increase each round

WOD: Teams of 2/3


12 Calorie Row (Use Bike if large class)

9 DB Power Cleans 40-50/25- 35

6 DB Thrusters 40-50/25- 35

*Complete entire round before switching

Score is Strict Press weight/Push Press weight/ Push Jerk weight/Rounds + Reps .