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A) Strength: Back Squat Clusters (15-20min)

(beginners can build to a heavy set of 5 over the course of the 10min)

E30sec: 5 sets of 2 @ last weeks 5rm (or 80% of 1rm)

Rest 3 min

E30sec 5 sets of 2 @ last weeks 5rm (or 80% of 1rm)

B) Metcon: 5 rounds for time

16 DB FR Lunge (40-50/25- 35) (in place, alternate legs)

8 Burpee to target 6” above standing reach

8 DB PC and Jerk (one head of dumbbell taps the floor every rep)

Score Back Squat, metcon time

CFL 4/21

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Med Ball thrusters

E2MOM 10 med ball thrusters x12 min (6 rounds)


Team of 3

25 min cap

Complete with med ball 20/14#

300 squats

300 pushup

300 box step ups

2x 200m run

Med ball cant touch the ground. 3 team burpee penalty every time the ball touches the ground

Burpees are completed during the WOD.

Box step ups completed holding the med ball. They can decide the height of the box.  whoever isn’t doing pushups holds the medball

CFL 4/20

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Turkish get up

Build to moderate double for each side.

Focus on quality over weight. Have them require perfect reps prior to going up in weight.


12 min AMRAP

Team 3

Row 250m

Should be an all out sprint. Redline (looking for around 3000+ total meters) they should be able to hold a 2:00 min pace.

If there are more than 18 people. Have them do 500 m intervals on the bike. Less than 18 people everyone should rowing.

Score is total weight for TGU and team meters